New Power Pack for Chlorine Sens R Trols

Following a couple of instances earlier this Century and now two more this year where 'Sens R Trols for Chlorine' PULAQNS do not appear to have functioned correctly, we have determined that with a build of up tolerances it is possible that the Burkert Solenoid Valve used, PULSV25, can require an instantaneous current draw of in excess of 1,000 milliamps, rather than the 800mA specified.

We have found an alternative Power Pack with a 1500 milliamp AC output at 12 volts AC and the 230 volts input and this seems to be working satisfactorily so in future we will be obtaining this Power Pack, part no 400-6541, which is made in China under the Mascot name, although Mascot themselves are a Norwegian company. The standard unit comes with a twin plug but we are removing this and putting on the two bullet connectors since there is no polarity with AC, and these female bullet connectors match the male bullet connectors on the Sens R Trol itself.

This NEW part number will be known as PULTFRH for the 'high rate' for Chlorine. It is being supplied on all PULAQNS 'Sens-R-Trol for Chlorine' from September 2003 onwards. The Sens-R-Trol for Bromine is unaffected. All Sens-R-Trols continue to be distributed by CERTIKIN INTERNATIONAL LTD, GOLDEN COAST LTD AND S.C.P.(UK) LTD.