Take it easy with Sens-R-Trol

This fantastic device makes pool care easy

SENS-R-TROL is a combined sensor and electronic control which maintains the level of almost any sanitising agent in your spa or pool.

SENS-R-TROL should be used in conjunction with a pool chemical dispensing device such as a chlorinator or brominator. SENS-R-TROL can be fitted to existing chemical dispensing systems for any type of pool or spa.

SENS-R-TROL utilises the best technology to bring you an unique instrument that is economical and can be installed yourself.


Pools and spas are usually dosed with chemicals on a weekly or daily basis. This means the water will be very high in chemicals sometimes and very low at other times. This system is generally heavy on chemical usage.

SENS-R-TROL monitors the water continuously whenever the pump is running and controls feeding to just the right amount of chemical. This method is highly economical and, indeed, it is possible to save up to 20% of chemical usage.

SENS-R-TROL is not expensive to purchase and can be installed by most pool or spa owners.

Keeps your pool or spa looking great and safe

SENS-R-TROL monitors the pool or spa whenever the pump is running to ensure that the sanitiser level is perfect. And that means a pool or spa that looks great and is safe to use all the time. Algae and other problems start when chemicals are not correct.. SENS-R-TROL will ensure that your pool or spa is always germ free.

Set and forget

All you need to maintain is a stable pH. Set the desired chlorine or bromine level and SENS-R-TROL will do the rest.

The "set level" is achieved by adjusting the level knob. SENS-R-TROL will then activate your chlorinator or brominator as and when required, maintaining any predetermined chemical level.

How it works

SENS-R-TROL consists of an electronic water component sensor and an electronic control device.

The sensor probe continuously examines the level of snitiser in the water then activates a chlorinator or brominator via a solenoid valve or relay as required to maintain a set level.


SENS-R-TROL is fully guaranteed against faulty parts or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.


SENS-R-TROL is easily installed by any handy person. The only tool you'll need is a saw to cut plastic pipe. The device can be fitted to existing pool reticulation systems or any new system.

For Your Health

Health authorities recommend certain levels of sanitiser so that the pool or spa will always be bacteria free.

SENS-R- TROL makes it easy to maintain these levels, keeping your pool or spa safe for swimming at all times.

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